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Academy of Angelic Healing Events Calendar

The Academy of Angelic Healing has been nominated in the Kindred Spirit Awards 2022 in recognition of my work and I would be really delighted if you would please consider voting.   If you click the link and scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see Academy of Angelic Healing in the Retreat/Healing Centre category.

As a thank you I would like to invite you to an online Talk and Healing for Master Energy Colour Healing or Angelic Reiki after the voting has completed at the end of June.  Once you have voted, please email me at for the link stating your preference as MECH or AR or, if you ask a friend to vote too, you can apply to join both online events!


To contact Jayn Lee Miller at The Academy of Angelic Healing:-

Email:  Tel:  07925 127222

My events in person are limited to a handful of attendees so everyone receives personal attention and guidance.

I now also offer some events online by Zoom.

Please note that the official version of Angelic Reiki can only be taught in person with at least four students and one Master Teacher present.

To request my Programme of Events by email or for more information please Contact Me .

Please scroll down to check the DIARY for a quick glance of forthcoming events and then scroll further down to see the PROGRAMME for more complete information. Please note more events are added regularly!

VENUE: You can see how to find us at the Academy of Angelic Healing venue page.

TO BOOK : For further information, to book or request my regular events newsletter by email, please use the Contact Me page.

Alternatively, meetupyou can book in at Meetup on this link and I invite you to join my group:

Academy of Angelic Healing

All events held at The Academy of Angelic Healing, 17 Wellington Terrace, Harrow on the Hill, HA1 3EP

or Online via Zoom unless otherwise stated.

Wednesday 4th May at 7pm–9.30pm  MASTER ENERGY COLOUR HEALING Online Zoom Practitioner Attunement Workshop:  Cost: £125 includes Healing session on 5th April.

Tuesday 10th May at 7pm–9pm  ANGEL TAROT READING COURSE Online Zoom  Cost: £150 for 6 sessions. Please advise if date and timing do not suit.

Saturday 28th May 10.30am-1.30pm  DNA, KARMA & CELLULAR CLEANSING WORKSHOP £35 at Harrow, London

Saturday 28th May Bank Holiday Monday 30th May  (10.30am-1.30pm) ANGELIC REIKI 3&4 £395 includes manual, certificate and DNA, Karma & Cellular Cleanse at Harrow, London

Wednesday 8th June 7pm-10pm  DNA, KARMA & CELLULAR CLEANSING WORKSHOP £35 on ZOOM

Friday 10th – Sunday 12th June 10.30am-1.30pm) ANGELIC REIKI PROFESSIONAL PRACTITIONER £425 includes manual, certificate and DNA, Karma & Cellular Cleanse at Harrow, London

Friday 24th – Sunday 26th June 10.30am-1.30pm) ANGELIC REIKI MASTER TEACHER £425 includes manual, certificate and DNA, Karma & Cellular Cleanse at Harrow, London

Friday 1st- Sunday 3rd July (10.30am-1.30pm) ANGELIC REIKI 1&2  £287  includes manual, certificate, master crystal and DNA, Karma & Cellular Cleanse at Harrow, London

Friday 1st July 10.30am-1.30pm  DNA, KARMA & CELLULAR CLEANSING WORKSHOP £35 at Harrow, London

Friday 26th – Sunday 28th August  (10.30am-1.30pm) ANGELIC REIKI 1&2  £287  includes manual, certificate, master crystal and DNA, Karma & Cellular Cleanse at Harrow, London

Friday 26th August 10.30am-1.30pm  DNA, KARMA & CELLULAR CLEANSING WORKSHOP £35 at Harrow, London

Friday 9th – Sunday 11th September  (10.30am-1.30pm) ANGELIC REIKI 3&4 £395 includes manual, certificate and DNA, Karma & Cellular Cleanse at Harrow, London

Friday 9th September 10.30am-1.30pm  DNA, KARMA & CELLULAR CLEANSING WORKSHOP £35 at Harrow, London

Please contact me if you have questions.



1&2, 3&4, Professional Practitioner and Master Teacher workshops




1&2, 3&4, Professional Practitioner and Master Teacher workshops

at Academy of Angelic Healing

10.30am-6.30pm daily and include DNA, Karma & Cellular Cleansing.

*3&4 – Saturday 28th May  Monday 30th May  £395

*Professional Practitioner –  Friday 10th – Sunday 12th June   £335

*Master Teacher  – Friday 24th – Sunday 26th June   £425

*1&2 – Friday 1st- Sunday 3rd July  £287

*1&2 – Friday 26th – Sunday 28th August  £287

*3&4 – Friday 9th – Sunday 11th September  £395

*If you cannot make the above dates please let me know and I will liaise with you on an alternative to suit you.

I have been facilitating Angelic Reiki workshops since 2006 so am now in my 16th year of teaching and my passion for this beautiful healing module grows with each workshop I facilitate.  Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to book and I will forward you registration information.

Information about Angelic Reiki: Angelic Reiki has been channelled from the Archangelic Realms as a tool to enable us to merge our consciousness with the Divine at this time of Ascension.   It is far more than using Reiki and invoking Angels and is very different from all other forms of Reiki – even Angel Reiki!  Just ask anyone who has experienced it!  Angelic Reiki is very pure, powerful and exquisitely beautiful.   It is  extremely simple and beautiful to learn and give as all the attunements and healings are  administered  by  Angelic beings. Each treatment is perfect and a blessing to receive and give.

My Angelic Reiki 1&2 Workshops are suitable for total beginners as well as experienced  Practitioners.  3&4, Professional Practitioner and Master Teacher workshops where you can learn to practice Angelic Reiki professionally and/or teach Angelic Reiki are also available. All the Angelic Reiki Workshops will enable you to experience a deep personal  healing and a gigantic leap in spiritual  growth.   I have been responsible for a major part of the UK Angelic Reiki training since August 2006 when the Founders, Kevin & Christine Core, moved to Egypt and Kevin’s subsequent passing and I continue to work very closely with them. I spent the whole of February 2012 staying with Christine in her villa in Luxor furthering my esoteric studies including Angelic Reiki. 

The purpose of the 1&2 workshop: Firstly, it is to restore to the Reiki Symbols to their original Divine Vibration. This was lost when Man disconnected from Source. This process can only be gifted to us by the Angelic Kingdom of Light. The symbols given in this workshop are attuned through the Angelic vibration. Healing Angels give the attunements and work with you on a permanent basis taking your connection to the Angelic Kingdom to a new level.

It will impart to the student a complete system of healing used through the Angels and the Reiki symbols. The student is given practical ‘hands on’ experience in healing methodology involving healing as a channel, healing with intention, healing with a Master and Galactic Healers and Multi-dimensional Healing. The workshop also includes how to attune spiritual tools such as crystals and essences.

This workshop will give you the most perfect gift for you. It will support your own personal healing and spiritual journey, open up gifts and spiritual talents; reveal your dharma and life’s purpose. It may be to help you to support family and friends or be a step on the way to share it with others as a professional healer or teacher.

It may totally change your life.

You may not know, but your Soul will know why it has brought Angelic Reiki to you.

It will change your DNA, your cells and molecules and activate your Lightbody. It will enable you to merge more intimately with The Angelic Kingdom of Light.

All spiritual teachings and energies are universally available to everyone, but through his guidance from the Master Djwhal Khul and Archangel Metatron, and his great knowledge of spiritual principles and ancient teachings, Kevin Core has woven together a unique and profound system of healing. This system has been named Angelic Reiki.®

This workshop will include: –

  • Two Angelic Reiki cleanses and attunements;
  • One Archangelic initiation and blessing,
  • A definition and understanding of the nature of angelic energy,
  • The principles of clearing and dedicating space,
  • Healing methods including self and distant healing,
  • Practical healing exchanges,
  • Cleansing and tuning crystals,
  • The laws of healing according to the divine hierarchy as given by Djwhal Khul.  Full attunement to Angelic Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree which includes 8 Divine Multidimensional Symbols.
  • A complete Karma Cutting and Angelic Clearing prior to taking the attunement.
  • Hands on healing experience, being a channel for healing energy through Healing Angels and the Reiki Symbols plus the first steps in Multidimensional Healing.
  • An attunement to the Angelic Kingdom of Light at the 11th dimension through the Archangel Metatron and Angelic Collective “The Mighty Sarim”. This involves an attunement given by 30 Archangels, the Chief Celestial Angel Princes.

This workshop is a powerful experience and lays the ground for the incoming Galactic Energy of the Ascension. It places you in your own Spiritual Power and Knowledge of yourself as the Ascended Master that you truly are.

Full syllabus.

  • An understanding of the process of clearing and dedicating a healing space. Also the closing of the space after the session is complete.
  • A definition of Angels through the understanding of them as the Divine archetypes of this created universe.
  • Cleansing and attunement to Angelic Reiki 1st Degree.
  • Cleansing and attunement to Angelic Reiki 2nd Degree.
  • Activation of the symbols by Lord Melchizedek to their Galactic vibration.
  • Entity release if needed.
  • The Angelic attunement by the 30 Archangels of the Mighty Sarim, including the attunement of the Master crystal.
  • Activation by Archangel Metatron of the Reiki symbols to the Angelic vibration.
  • Introduction to the laws and rules of healing as given by Djwhal Khul to Alice Bailey in the book “Esoteric Healing”.
  • Types of healing methods and three healing exchanges.
  • Explanation of distance and self-healing.
  • Angelic Reiki for pregnancy and babies, and the support of indigo children.
  • Explanation of how to create a sacred space and the part crystals, cards, candles, colour, sound and sacred perfumes play in this.
  • How to attune crystals and essences to Angelic Reiki and how important this is.
  • Provision of the 1 & 2 workbook to each participant, at the start of the class, and explanation of the material in this book.
  • The shape, sound, drawing, and meaning of the symbols are NOT taught. Simply to look at the symbols integrates their vibration into the recipient’s consciousness. The most perfect symbols and energy are provided, brought and guided by the Angelic Kingdom of Light (not the healer).

TO BOOK:  Please email requesting registration details.



Friday 22nd April

Repeated on

Saturday 28th May, Friday 24th June, Friday 1st July, Friday 26th August & Friday 9th September

at The Academy of Angelic Healing, Harrow on the Hill



Wednesday 8th June 7pm-10pm   on ZOOM


This is my most intensive workshop so be prepared for a powerful experience and life changes!

It will include an extremely potent “new” ice blue platinum light from Archangel Michael that has been made available since lockdown last year specifically to help irradicate negativity and toxins at this time.

We will also be working with the heightened energies of the Violet Flame known as The Lilac Fire of Source which are translucent and working on an extremely high vibration, making it even more powerful than ever before.

We will be using Decrees of The Pale Blue Platinum Light and Lilac Fire of Source during the workshop and copies of these will be emailed to you for your own use thereafter.

We will invoke Archangel Michael to cut any unnecessary cords and ask him to release us from karma so we can enjoy a karma free existence.

We will then call upon Archangels Michael and Zadkiel and the new heightened energies of the Violet Flame of Transmutation to further clear our DNA of all toxins and release cellular memories from our ancestral line for seven generations.

Stored within the DNA and cellular memories of our parents when we were conceived, we hold all their fears, angers and misapprehensions from wars, hardships, famines, etc. and also from our ancestral line.

By clearing this, we are serving our ancestors going back seven generations and we will also ask for a clearing for the whole race of mankind.

You will find this will greatly benefit your relationships.

TO BOOK:  Please email requesting the Zoom link after making payment of £35 by bank transfer to Jayn Lee-Miller Account No: 76528762 Sort Code:  09-01-28

or go to and pay using Friends and Family option to avoid fees.



working with Archangels and Ascended Masters

An invitation to experience this healing modality with the option of creating your own self-employment as a Healing Practitioner

Accredited by the Holistic Healers Association

Online Zoom Practitioner Attunement Workshop:

Wednesday 4th May at 7pm–9.30pm 

Cost: £125 includes one of the Healing sessions above (if requested), Attunement, Manual and signed Certificate by the Founder, Bobbie Pierrepoint, allowing you to offer Master Energy Colour Healing as a Practitioner.


Feedback from this healing modality has been outstanding!

Master Energy Colour Healing is a blessing from the Divine Source sent to benefit all beings

Master Energy Colour Healing uses colour and the sound of the voice poured down from the Divine Source through the Archangels and Ascended Masters and enhances direct contact with these Higher Beings.

This exquisitely beautiful high frequency healing is in alignment with the vibrational changes on a universal level.

Master Energy Colour Healing plays an essential role in assisting with mankind’s ascension to the 5th dimension at this time.

It has an extremely fine and pure vibration and the colours used are much paler and more luminous than any colours used before. 

Each colour matches with the energy vibration of an Archangel and Ascended Master.

Master Energy Colour Healing is beneficial on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

It is deeply moving, uplifting and energising, bringing deep peace to mind, body and soul.

This therapy interacts and enhances other therapeutic healing systems. 

The energetic resonance and vibrational frequency of this form of colour healing has not been accessible to mankind before.

All the Ascended Masters are involved in this healing modality but only those mentioned below are named:-

Saint Germain, Lord Kuthumi, Master Hilarion, The Christ, El Moyra, Quan Yin, Lao Tsu and Serapis Bey.

The Archangels that are involved are Zadkiel, Jophiel, Raphael, Metatron, Michael, Sandalphon and Gabriel.

This beautiful healing modality was brought through the Ascended Masters Pallas Athena and Aeolus via Mallory Stendall and Bobbie Pierrepoint who have decades of healing experience.

The meeting will include a short talk followed by the healing session.

You will need to prepare for this healing session.  Please make sure you are in a comfortable position, preferably lying down. You may wish to have a pillow, blanket, favourite crystal nearby and light a candle.  Make sure you have a glass of water and that you will not be disturbed.

The session will last approximately 45 minutes and I suggest you lie down to experience this and allow time after the session to soak in the healing energies.

Please note that the session cannot be recorded and is unavailable as a recording as this healing can only be fully effective using the live voice of someone who has been attuned to Master Energy Colour Healing.

This has to be one of the simplest healings to administer as it is done just by speaking the beautiful channelled healing words by someone who has been attuned and has purity of heart.

In response to requests, I am now offering an attunement workshops to the energy of this system via Zoom so that you can offer this healing either in person, online or over the ‘phone to individuals or groups. 

Teacher Workshops will become available soon.

Please see for more information.

I look forward to connecting with you and sharing this beautiful healing session.

TO BOOK:  Please email after making a suggested *donation of at least £10 for the Healing Session and/or £125 for the Practitioner Workshop  

Please pay by bank transfer to Jayn Lee-Miller Account No: 76528762 Sort Code:  09-01-28

or go to (and pay using Friends and Family option to avoid fees.)


Online Zoom Course


with Becky Phoenix and Jayn Lee Miller

Accredited by the Holistic Healers Association

This course consists of 6 sessions

Suggested starting date: 

*Tuesday 10th May 7pm-9pm


*Days and times to be confirmed with the group attending so please let us know if the above date and timing do not suit. 

All sessions will be recorded.

This will be the last chance to take this course and become familiar with the cards before we offer our Advanced Course.

You will need a pack of the original blue Angel Tarot Card Decks by Radleigh Valentine for this course.  Please let us know if you need these to be sent to you.

This certificated course includes extensive notes, worksheets, exercises and ongoing support.

You will receive personal online guidance during and after this course, which is for beginners and experienced Tarot readers alike.  You will find out more about working with Angel Tarot Cards, which all have beautiful and positive messages and images.

The feedback from past attendees has been outstanding with one of our students securing work alongside Doreen Virtue and others going on to become professional Tarot Card Readers.

We have been told this is the best Angel Tarot Card course available – and at a fraction of the price of others!

Becky has nearly 25 years’ experience of working with Tarot.

Jayn-Lee was one of the first people to work professionally with Angels and has been on a spiritual path for nearly 50 years as a spiritual medium, healer and angelic channel.

You will be taught the meanings of the cards, how to do spreads and how to set up in practice to work professionally including.

You will also be shown how to use these cards with other Oracle Cards.

  • The itinerary is as follows:-

– Introduction, course outline, students expectations.
– Major Arcana and Archangel guidance
– Suit of Water
– Suit of Fire
– Suit of Air
– Suit of Earth
– Court Cards
– 6 exercises to help with card interpretation
– 3 card spread
– Celtic Cross spread
-The Ethics of Angel Tarot reading
– Preparing for a reading
– Your role as an Angel Tarot reader
– Reading for yourself
– How to ask questions
– The process of giving a reading
– Common problems and how to overcome them
– Look at different spreads you can use in greater detail
– What a consultation constitutes
– How to use Angel Oracle Cards etc.

After this course you will be able to become accredited by the Holistic Healers Association and become a member for just £30 per annum which will cover all the therapies you offer and insure you with Balens for up to £4 million.

Please email or call or text 07925 127222 to book or if you have any questions.


Coming soon on Zoom! Please enquire!



The Advanced Angel Tarot Course is for those who have taken our Angel Tarot Course or who are comfortable and familiar with the cards and their meanings.

This new course will include the following:-

Lesson 1 – The History of Tarot/Archangels and their meanings and significance in the cards/Tarot games to deepen your relationship with the cards.

Lesson 2 – Using the angel Tarot cards for manifestation.

Lesson 3 – Reversals (including a Celtic Cross demonstration to illustrated this).

Lesson 4 – Angel Tarot and Astrology, also introducing the Astrological spread.

Lesson 5 – Using the Angel Tarot as a problem solving tool and for life coaching and planning.

Lesson 6 – Guided meditation to deepen your connection and incorporating numerology into the tarot/questions and answers.

After this course you will be able to become accredited by the Holistic Healers Association and become a member for just £30 per annum which will cover all the therapies you offer and insure you with Balens for up to £4 million.


Would you like a new career as an Angel Healing Practitioner?


Accredited by the Holistic Healing Association.


This course consists of 10 sessions

Suggested starting date: 

*Thursday 19th May 7pm-10pm

*Days and times to be confirmed with the group attending so please let us know if the above date and timing do not suit. 

All sessions will be recorded.

Learn to work professionally with Angels

Online Zoom Course – all sessions will be recorded.

10 sessions at £60 each – Just pay for each session in advance and apply for the Zoom link

or discounted price of £555 if paid in advance

(see booking details below)

All sessions will be recorded in case you miss one and sent to you with written notes

I will be facilitating this Angel Healing Practitioner Course online via Zoom for those who want to deepen their connections with Angels with the opportunity to work professionally with Angels after successful completion. Places are limited to a small group so that everyone receives the attention they need.

This Angel Course will cover many aspects of working with angels and be a springboard to work in whatever areas of angelic work that may appeal to you. You will be given all the tools you need to start your own practice.

Each session of the course will be recorded and you will receive the complete set of coursework by email.

You will be guided how to facilitate one-to-one consultations, workshops, talks and courses, etc.  I will also tailor-make the course to suit what appeals to you and your personal learning requests.

I was one of the first people to work professionally with Angels for many years as an Angel Healing Practitioner prior to being attuned to Angelic Reiki (which I have been teaching since 2006). I still continue to work as an Angel Healing Practitioner as this helps clients in many ways that are not covered in the Angelic Reiki courses.

You do NOT have to be attuned to Angelic Reiki to attend the Angel Healing Practitioner Course.

This Course is for beginners as well as qualified Practitioners. It combines perfectly with other therapies and healing and is ideal with Angelic Reiki.

This intensive, informative and enjoyable course can also be attended purely for a deep personal healing and spiritual growth.

For those of you who wish to graduate, there is coursework in the form of writing a short essay to say why you would like to become an Angel Healing Practitioner and you will be asked to supply feedback from 10 consultations which could include Angel Oracle Cards, healing processes in the form of guided meditations (you will be supplied with these), intuition, mediumship, counselling, affirmations, etc.  These can be done in your own time and you may charge for these sessions if you so wish. Whilst it is a good idea to supply the coursework within six months of attending, there is no time limit.  You may wish to work with the other members of the group or choose paying clients for your case studies.

Once qualified, you will have the option to become a member of the Holistic Healing Association which also offers insurance from Balens for £4million for just £30 a year and will cover all the therapies you offer.

  • Enjoy interactions with Angels and have fun with like-minded people.
    • Open your heart, develop your spiritual gifts and psychic abilities naturally.
    • Offer Angel Readings.
    • Conduct Angel healing sessions and receive deep personal healing for yourself.
    • Healing meditation processes.
    • Work and connect with a family of supportive like-minded people.
    • Discover how to run a professional practice working with Angels.
    • Learn how to offer consultations, workshops, meditation groups and courses.
    • Beautiful Diploma issued after successful completion of coursework sent by email.

I am really excited about sharing various wonderful ways of working with the Angelic Realms with you at this incredible time of ascension. We will cover the most basic Angel Healing Practitioner work first and then move on to more advanced work as we continue with the course and I will take your requests into consideration. The Course will be tailor-made to suit the needs of those attending and will include some of the following depending on the requests of the group attending.  If there is anything not included in this list that you would like to learn about, please let me know:-

How to give an Oracle Card Reading – guidance on how to do an accurate reading for yourself and others with confidence.

Forgiveness Process – This is a simple technique to forgive past hurt.

Cutting Ties with Archangel Michael – Free yourself from unnecessary ties that are holding you back.

“Spring Cleaning” with Archangel Michael –  Receive a beautiful energy exchange.  Archangel Michael will suction out any stagnant energies that are no longer serving you and completely fill you with vibrant new brilliant energy so that you are glowing!

Learn How to Channel Angels – It is simple to be able to connect with these beings of light and bring through their messages.

Financial Freedom – how to develop a stress-free relationship with money.

Manifesting your Life Purpose – how to bring your dream life into reality by overcoming challenges and ego-based struggles like fear, tension, and disappointment. You will be guided through a meditation to help heal any emotional blocks and open your heart to accepting your true purpose.

How to Find Love with your True Soulmate – Your true soulmate is waiting for you.  A beautiful meditation with the Angels of Love will open the door to meeting him/her.

Healing with the Angels – The angels can always be called upon for healing and all will benefit from the wonderful healing meditation in this section.

Relief from Anxiety and Stress – Many of us suffer some kind of anxiety or stress in our busy lives and with the help of a beautiful guided angel healing meditation it is possible to eradicate fear and tension now. You’ll also learn how to receive angel blessings to ease your worries.

Overcoming Addictions – Do you, or someone close to you, suffer from an addiction?  It’s not just drug or alcohol addictions, but also other compulsive behaviours, such as co-dependency, chronic worrying, overeating, over-shopping, and overspending that can keep us from fulfilling our life purpose. During this section, you will experience a deeply healing meditation to receive clear angelic guidance for starting the path to recovery.

Unicorn Blessings – Connecting with these magical creatures.

Meeting the Friendly Dragons – Working with these beings from the angelic kingdom.

What Are Your Dreams Telling You? – Meet your Dream Guide and learn how to prepare yourself to enjoy the sweetest dreams where you will receive clear divine guidance, ideas and answers to your questions.

Flower Therapy – How to bring healing, peace and serenity through a beautiful meditation connecting to your favourite flower.

Cosmic Ray Colour Healing – Receive a beautiful deep healing on all levels through guided visualisation with the Archangels and Ascended Masters.

Your Guide to Self-Mastery – How to gain mastery over all aspects of your life.  We will focus on your foundation, career, friends and family, close contacts, special relationship and self-development.

Ascension – What does this mean and how can we prepare for it?

Ascension Symptoms – Recognising the various physical symptons of the Ascension process.

Angel Alchemy – how to connect energetically with specific angels to bring about change, transmutation and manifestation.

DNA, Cellular and Karma Clearing – how to energetically cleanse throughout time and space using the Violet Flame to release us from past karma.

Violet Flame – How to use the Violet Flame for personal and planetary transmutation.

Metatron’s Cube – Revealing the true nature of angels.

Atlantis Today! – Learn about the new portal that has opened to the Crystal City of Atlantis which will be guiding the world to true peace.

Working with Your Guardian Angels and Unicorn Guide – Find out who your Guardian Angels are according to the Tree of Life according to your birth date.

Your Soul Lessons according to your Name – A simple exercise will give you insight into the lessons your soul has come to learn and the colours which are associated with you.

Your Guide to Self-Mastery – This exercise will help you gain mastery over all areas of your life including your self-development, your family, your career, your friends and close contacts, your special relationship and, most importantly, your foundation.


“I would like to thank you for the Angel Healing Practitioner Course which I found to be so informative and helpful, just pure pleasure.  You freely gave your abundance of spiritual knowledge and experience to us all, in a comprehensive and enjoyable manner.  You will be my life long mentor. I wish you love, light and many blessings”

“Thank you so much for such a fantastic time on the Angel Healing Practitioner Course. Once again, it was such a wonderful time to rediscover and work with the loving, healing energies of the angels and gain a greater understanding of my spiritual self.  I feel as though I nurtured my soul by connecting with loving angel energy, and in the last few hours of being together in our group, I  felt this huge energy which was making me feel larger than life, it was such a beautiful embracing feeling.”

“We practised and learnt powerful meditations for cleansing and purifying our minds, practised tried and tested techniques such as cutting cords / old ties, connecting with angels and receiving & sharing individual and group healing.  Also, we learnt and developed practical tools and empowering angelic practises for self reflection, we explored ways of teaching Angel Healing and learnt how to connect with angels through beautiful angel card sets, learning different ways  of using the cards for ourselves and others. We learnt so much, and all to take away and work through, share, teach others, start up a business, dream about. And to get home to find Jayn-Lee had emailed the whole course content for our own personal use. I really appreciated your course Jayn-Lee and feel that I got a great deal from it personally. It really is unique and so worth doing. Thank you for sharing.”

TO BOOK:  Each session will cost £60 each and you can pay prior to each session by bank transfer to Jayn Lee-Miller Account No: 76528762 Sort Code:  09-01-28 or go to (and pay using Friends and Family option to avoid fees.).  If you would like to commit to signing up for the whole course upfront there is a discounted price of £555 for the 10 sessions.  Once you have made payment, please email me at with the details and I will forward you the link.

If you have any questions, please email or call me on 07925 127222.


Please contact me for more details on any of the above events.

With love, angelic light and blessings,


07925 127222

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I was one of the first people to work professionally with Angels and have been a Spiritual Medium since 1972.

I ran my first Spiritual Healing Group in 1975.

I am the Founder of The Angel Healing Practitioner Diploma Course and have been teaching Angelic Reiki regularly since 2006.

I also facilitate several Angelic and Spiritual Workshops and Courses including Evening Meditations, Day and Weekend Workshops.

My passion is now teaching others how to deepen their connection with the Angelic Realms and work with Angels for personal healing and spiritual development.

I limit the numbers in all my events so that everyone gets the attention they deserve.
Jayn Lee Miller, Officially Internationally Registered Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and Angel Healing Practitioner Teacher
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