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via Zoom

with Jayn Lee Miller, Angelic Consultant of the Year 2020

These sessions are an amalgamation of some of the following depending on the highest priority:-

Angelic Guidance, Channelling, Spiritual Counselling, Mediumship, Psychic Reading, Angel Oracle Card Reading, Angelic Energy Healing in the form of a guided visualisation, Master Energy Colour Healing.  You are also able to ask any questions on a personal level or about any spiritual matters.  The cost is £85 for as long as you need (at least one hour) or £50 for a short half hour consultation.


Saturday 16th January 2021 12 noon - 6.30pm £75  Special New Year ZOOM Workshop! LEARN HOW TO CHANNEL

Tuesday, 19th January at 7.20pm for 7.30pm start Zoom Workshop PEACE ON EARTH NEW YEAR MEDITATION 


Starting Tuesday 26th January 7pm-9pm ANGEL TAROT CARD READING COURSE 6 week Online Zoom Course with Becky Phoenix and Jayn Lee Miller £150 (payment plan available)

Sunday 31st January 12 noon - 6.30pm £75  Zoom Workshop NEW!  AN INTRODUCTION TO THE FRIENDLY DRAGONS


Saturday 16th January 2021

12 noon - 6.30pm £75 

Special New Year ZOOM Workshop!


Find out how simple it is to channel messages

During this workshop, you will be guided how to channel angels, ascended masters and loved ones with the intention of bringing through messages for 2021.

Many people feel there are a “special few” who are able to channel – this is not true!

The workshop will include a guided relaxing meditation and various exercises.

You will also be shown how to safely and effectively use Oracle Cards.

I guarantee everyone will receive and be able to offer messages.

You will be fully supported and guided throughout the workshop in a comfortable, safe and fun environment.

You need no experience and you may be surprised at how simple it is to give accurate messages.

Materials, teas, coffee and biscuits are included.  Please bring food for lunch and a bottle of water, indoor socks or slippers.

Past feedback includes the following comments:

"This is the best form of channeling I have ever learnt in my life. I am grateful to you Jayn-Lee for giving us a detailed knowledge about the process and it's always been a pleasure learning from you. I would like to regularly learn from you and I wish to come again soon 😇😇. Earlier also I learnt Angelic Reiki from you and I do feel my connection with Angels has become much deeper and I can really feel it."

"Definitely the workshop was fabulous and the best thing after the workshop is that I have been getting messages without even actually following the procedure. However that means if I channel the way you have taught definitely the messages will be more clear."

"Many thanks for the workshop yesterday. I loved it! Everyone was very open to doing what you guided us to do and it worked. The energies were amazing and I can't believe the information I channelled, which I had no idea meant anything or not. It just seems amazing that I was channelling the Ascended Master, Djwal Kuhl."

Hi Jayn-Lee Thank you for having me and thank you for a wonderful day. I learnt a lot on Saturday from you and met very nice people. You are a wonderful and beautiful person. I will most definitely like to take this workshop again. I have also told a friend about this workshop and am looking forward to more training and courses with you.  Take care & GOD Bless.

Hot drinks and biscuits will be provided.  Please bring a packed lunch and a bottle of water.

If you are interested in attending, please email or call or text 07925 127222.


I am inviting all people of goodwill (no matter what their beliefs or non-beliefs!)

to join in a simple meditation to hold a space of unconditional love and send light to the collective consciousness of humanity for

Peace on Earth 

on Tuesday, 19th January at 7.20pm for a 7.30pm start (UK time)

The Zoom link is

The intention is to hold the light of unconditional love and acceptance in order to bring stillness, peace and
harmony to create balance and strength to the collective consciousness of humanity.

You may wish to light a candle and have your favourite crystal to hand.

I will guide you through a simple meditation or you may wish to do your own meditation to join the collective consciousness.

You will then be able to focus on a beautiful image that will be shown or remain in meditation thereafter.

The meeting will end at 8.30pm but after the guided meditation you may leave at any time.

This is given freely with love but if you would like to make a donation you can do so making a bank transfer to

Jayn Lee-Miller Account No: 76528762 Sort Code: 09-01-28 or go to


Sunday 24th January 

12 noon - 6.30pm  £75

Online ZOOM Workshop


and an Attunement to UNICORN and CHRIST LIGHT energy

Also includes a visit to your own Akashic Records Library to bring back a gift or talent from your soul to use in this lifetime and to further release karma and forgiveness.

This will be my most cleansing and purifying workshop to date!  We will receive a thorough cleansing so we can have a clear path ahead to work with the higher vibrations that are available for us as the Earth moves further into the photon band and more light is being made available to us.

We will firstly visit our own Library of Akashic Records and release karma and swim in the river of forgiveness.  We will bring back a gift or talent from our own soul to be able to use in this lifetime.

We will call forth Archangel Michael and His Legions of Angels to help in the severing of all karmic ties and ask the Angels to perform a powerful Trip Grid Cleansing to spin out any past life memories, disharmony and anything else which needs to be cleansed in order to prepare for the next part of life’s journey so that we can enjoy a karma free existence.

We will will then experience an intense inner cleanse by the Angelic Realms using their Triple Grid to prepare us for Spring and the next chapter in our lives.

We will be infused with the beautiful positive energies of pure unconditional love and given a full connection to all the Highest Healing Academies of Light within this Galaxy so that we can have a deeper connection with the Divine and a clearer communication with Spirit.

We will also travel to the 7th Dimensional Ashram of the Violet Flame where the Ascended Master Saint Germaine and Archangel Zadkiel and their respective consorts, Lady Portia and Archangel Amethyst, will cleanse our energies with the new heightened vibrations of the Violet Flame of Transmutation.

We will also be invoking Ascended Master Djwal Khul and ask to personally be removed from the Fear Matrix so that all unneccecary fears can be released from us and request him to help to assist us with our spiritual growth by enrolling us in his spiritual ashram on the 2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom.

As the energies of the Violet Flame are now translucent and therefore working on an extremely high vibration, its use is even more powerful than ever before.

This workshop contains new added material due to the recent upgraded properties of the Violet Flame which we can use as a powerful transformational tool as we go further into the photon band. We will use the Violet Flame for personal and planetary healing on all levels during this workshop.

The Violet Flame is a gift to the Earth that can help you transform your life for the better.  Once, only the sages who had access to the most esoteric of knowledge knew how to use this Universal force of alchemy which can transmute the lowest energies into the highest.  This all changed in August 1987 when dispensation was given for the Violet Flame to be made available for the benefit of mankind and the earth.  In 1998 the Silver Ray of Grace and Harmony, under the guardianship of Archangel Zadkiel was made available to humanity and merged with the Violet Flame of Transmutation to create the Silver Violet Flame of Transmutation and Mercy, increasing its power even further. After the Ascension date in linear time of 21.12.12, the Violet Flame has become so refined that it is now translucent and is more powerful and beautiful than ever.

We will also use the Violet Flame to cleanse our DNA and remove any karma.  We will also invoke the Ascended Master Dwjal Khul and ask him to look after our spiritual development and enroll us in his Fear Removal Matrix Programme so that we can release any unnecessary fears we may have that are holding us back from fulfilling our life purpose.

The workshop will culminate with an attunement to the purest light of the universe, Unicorn energy and Christ light so that you can use these vibrations in your every day life from now on.

I will also answer any questions you may have about angels or spiritual matters. All are welcome.


Starting Tuesday 26th January  7pm-9pm

6 week Online Zoom Course 


with Becky Phoenix and Jayn Lee Miller 

£150 (payment plan available)

with Becky Phoenix and Jayn Lee Miller


(payment plan available)

This certificated course includes extensive notes, worksheets, exercises and ongoing support.

 You will receive personal online guidance during and after this course, which is for beginners and experienced Tarot readers alike.  You will find out more about working with Angel Tarot Cards, which all have beautiful and positive messages and images.

The feedback from past attendees has been outstanding with one of our students securing work alongside Doreen Virtue and others going on to become professional Tarot Card Readers.

We have been told this is the best Angel Tarot Card course available – and at a fraction of the price of others!

Becky has nearly 25 years’ experience of working with Tarot and Jayn-Lee was one of the first people to work professionally with Angels and has been on a spiritual path for nearly 50 years.

You will be taught the meanings of the cards, how to do spreads and how to set up in practice to work professionally.  You will also be shown how to use these cards with other Oracle Cards.

  • The itinerary is as follows:-

- Introduction, course outline, students expectations.
- Major Arcana and Archangel guidance
- Suit of Water
- Suit of Fire
- Suit of Air
- Suit of Earth
- Court Cards
- 6 exercises to help with card interpretation
- 3 card spread
- Celtic Cross spread
-The Ethics of Angel Tarot reading
- Preparing for a reading
- Your role as an Angel Tarot reader
- Reading for yourself
- How to ask questions
- The process of giving a reading
- Common problems and how to overcome them
- Look at different spreads you can use in greater detail
- What a consultation constitutes
- How to use Angel Oracle Cards etc.


Sunday 31st January

Zoom Workshop

12 noon - 6.30pm £75 


Dragons are part of the Angelic Kingdom and will play a major part this year to assist ascension

Meet your personal dragon who will protect and guide you

Dragons offer wisdom and support through the Ascension process  

As so many of us are consciously or unconsciously now connecting more with universal wisdom and have raised our frequencies, the galactic dragons are now able to link with us again.  They are waiting to be of service to support both humanity and the Earth on a global level, as well as all of us individually.

Dragons have huge open hearts and belong to the angelic realms so as soon as you think of a dragon or angelic being, they are with you right away.  However, unlike angels or ascended masters, dragons can manipulate and clear the most negative and densest of energies for the highest good.  They can delve into places where angels fear to tread, so to speak, and are flocking to the earth at the moment to help clear the way for ascension for us individually and for the Earth itself.

During this workshop you will meet your own personal dragon.

You will be given a crystal (or you can bring your own) to infuse with dragon energy so you can carry this around with you.

You will learn the history of the dragons who are helping the Earth and their mission for humanity.

You will be introduced to the elemental dragons of air, earth, fire and water and discover which you are most connected with.

You will also be introduced to the higher frequency galactic dragons who are bringing their love and wisdom to us.


2pm - 5.30pm £35



including DNA, KARMA & CELLULAR clearing, Akashic Records Visit

and enrolment to the Fear Removal Matrix programme

NEW! Now includes a visit to your own Akashic Records Library to bring back a gift or talent from your soul to use in this lifetime and to further release karma and forgiveness.

This is my most intensive workshop so be prepared for a powerful experience and life changes!

We will invoke Archangel Michael to cut any unnecessary cords and ask him to release us from karma so we can enjoy a karma free existence.

We will then call upon Archangels Michael and Zadkiel and the new heightened energies of the Violet Flame of Transmutation to clear our DNA of all toxins and release cellular memories from our ancestral line for seven generations.

We will also be invoking Djwal Khul and ask to personally be removed from the Fear Matrix and request him to help to assist us with our spiritual growth.

Stored within the DNA and cellular memories of our parents when we were conceived, we hold all their fears, angers and misapprehensions from wars, hardships, famines, etc. and also from our ancestral line. By clearing this, we are serving our ancestors going back seven generations and we will also ask for a clearing for the whole race of mankind. You will find this will greatly benefit your relationships.

As the energies of the Violet Flame are now translucent and therefore working on an extremely high vibration, its use is even more powerful than ever before.

Jayn-Lee Miller will also answer any questions you may have about angels or spiritual matters. All are welcome.




Please join me for a free online Zoom workshop where you will learn about the true nature of Angels and be guided through a beautiful Angelic Reiki healing meditation. 

Angelic energies can bring you totally into alignment with the perfection of the Creator and can therefore assist in healing that may seem miraculous.

Angels are divine messengers who will always help raise our vibrations to a higher frequency.

This enables us to align more easily with the pure unconditional love of the Creator which can bring us into a perfect state of balance.

Therefore, miraculous healings can occur when invoking angelic presences as they can help us remember the divinity within which is the true essence of who we are.

When we align with the perfection within there can be no dis-ease and illness cannot exist.

It is possible to ask for the assistance of angels in all areas of your life but, having worked with them professionally for over 20 years, I have found Angelic Reiki to be the most authentic and effective way of being attuned to angelic energies and connecting with them for healing purposes.

Please join me for this online Zoom workshop where I will speak about Creation and the true nature of Angels and you will then be guided through a beautiful Angelic Reiki healing meditation.

The session will be recorded so if you would like a copy you will have access to a powerful healing session from the perfect angels whenever it is needed. This will be available to purchase for a donation after the session.

Please email or text your email address to 07925 127222 for the link to join.


Prosperity, Abundance and Manifestation (PAM)

for living joyously in the fifth dimension now! 

Ongoing Online Zoom Course with Jayn Lee-Miller to usher you into the new Golden Age

This course has been especially designed to help support you in manifesting your perfect lifestyle and

making your dreams come true, co-creating with like-minded souls in a loving, supportive group. 

I have been successfully and joyously self-employed for over 30 years and am here to help, guide and support you in

discovering and manifesting the life you truly desire on all levels.

At this time of redundancies and furloughs, as outdated systems are breaking down and old paradigms are being left behind,

now is the time to be creating a new successful and fulfilling lifestyle doing what you were born to do.

With the help of the angels, ascended masters and light beings, I can help you to decide

what you would truly like to manifest and take you through the necessary steps to bring this into reality.

Know that your life's purpose is fulfilled in your highest reality and that you now deserve to live in abundance

doing what you are truly passionate about in your own unique way.

Each session will offer a different aspect showing how to create your perfect abundant lifestyle.

This course offers huge potential for personal growth and will assist and support you in your ascension process on all levels.

As you join with other like-minded souls, all sessions will be geared to the needs of those attending.

This course will include a variety of modules including:-

- Exercises to discover more about your life purpose and what you were born to do.

- Visit your own Akashic Records to discover and reclaim your gifts and talents from the past to use in this lifetime.

- A truly amazing technique using a series of simple yogic breaths that will help accelerate manifestation.

- See yourself as you would really like to be with all your requirements fulfilled.

- DNA, Karma & Cellular Cleansing.

- How the angels are here to support you in bringing your perfect lifestyle into reality.

- Attune to the vibration of the Archangels Raziel, Gadiel, Barakiel, Gamaliel and Pathiel, known as the Angels of Abundance.

- You will receive the blessings of Abundatia and Lakshmi, the Goddesses of Prosperity and Abundance.

- You will be assisted by unicorns of purity and friendly dragons of wisdom who are part of the angelic realms.

- Discover how Fung Shui can assist you in creating abundance.

- Build your self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and self-love.

- Own your Sovereignty.

- Decrees and Affirmations of Abundance.

- Discover the Power of Gratitude.

- Work on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

-Talks and guided meditations.- Share this journey with like-minded souls.

Plus….much, much more!

Join this course and manifest the true desires of your heart and soul!


The course will be ongoing with each session lasting approximately 1-2 hours depending on sharings.

This course offers complete flexibility as you are able to attend only the sessions you choose.

Information regarding each weekly session will be sent in advance so you can decide if you would like to join.

All sessions will be recorded and a link can be sent to you should you miss a week.

I look forward to helping you create your perfect life!

First Session:

Discovering Your Life Purpose

We are living in a time of great changes.  You have chosen to be here for the most exciting phase of humanity’s evolution.

NOW is the time to do what you were born to do!  What is the unique mission of your soul?

This workshop will include exercises to discover what you were born to do focusing on your

passions, talents, values and destiny.

Even if you know you are already aware of your life purpose, this workshop can help you delve deeper to reveal more.

2nd Session:

DNA, Karma & Cellular Cleansing

Deep cleanse of blockages that may be sabotaging your ascension path.

3rd Session:

Discover The Creator Within

Retrieve your soul’s gifts and talents to use now!

 Please join me for this Prosperity, Abundance & Manifestation workshop to discover the Creator within you.

Connect with the greatest gifts and talents of your soul,

not just from this lifetime but from previous incarnations to bring them back to use now.

We will visit your personal Akashic Records Library which contains your soul’s journey from inception

to bring back all that is necessary for you to use in this lifetime in order to fulfill your soul’s mission.

We will also do some powerful soul retrieval work bringing back parts of your soul that you may have

disconnected from in the past as this is the time for you to come into your true power and feel complete.

You will also connect with your own personal soul group who will share their gifts and talents with you.

You will also have access to the gifts and talents of the soul groups who join us during this meeting.

I will also be talking about the best ways you can really start manifesting including the

Power of Intention and developing an Attitude to Gratitude and answer any questions you may have.

4th Session:

How to Manifest Using the Breath

Learn a yogic breath technique that you can apply for just two minutes a day to quicken the manifesting process.

5th Session:

Defining your Soul Mission, Flow of Abundance and Money Manifestation

A series of three short talks and guided meditations.




Learn to work professionally with Angels

I will be facilitating this Diploma Course for those who want to deepen their connections with Angels with the opportunity to work professionally with Angels after successful completion. This Angel Course will cover many aspects of working with angels and be a springboard to work in whatever areas of angelic work that may appeal to you. You will be given all the tools you need to start your own practice.

You will be guided how to facilitate one-to-one consultations, workshops, talks and courses, etc.  I will also tailor-make the course to suit what appeals to you and your personal learning requests.

I was one of the very first people to work professionally with Angels as an Angel Healing Practitioner in the early 2000s, prior to being attuned to Angelic Reiki, which I have been teaching since 2006. This course contains material that is not covered in any of the Angelic Reiki courses and you do NOT have to be attuned to Angelic Reiki to attend.   It will help both personally and professionally to expand what you can offer to your clients and is also a complete personal development course in itself.

This Course is for beginners as well as qualified Practitioners. It combines perfectly with other therapies and healing and is ideal with Angelic Reiki. This intensive, informative and enjoyable course can also be attended purely for a deep personal healing and spiritual growth.

For those of you who wish to graduate, there is coursework in the form of writing an essay to say why you would like to become an Angel Healing Practitioner and you will be asked to supply feedback from 10 consultations which should include Angel Oracle Cards, healing processes in the form of guided meditations (you will be supplied with these), intuition, mediumship, counselling, affirmations, etc.

These can be done in your own time. Whilst it is a good idea to supply the coursework within six months of attending, there is no time limit.

      • Enjoy interactions with Angels and have fun with like-minded people
        • Open your heart, develop your spiritual gifts and psychic abilities naturally
        • Give Angel Readings.
        • Conduct Angel healing sessions and receive deep personal healing yourself.
        • Healing meditation processes.
        • Prayers, poems, songs and talks.
        • Work and connect with a family of supportive like-minded people
        • Discover how to run a professional practice working with Angels
        • Learn how to offer consultations, workshops, meditation groups and courses
        • Beautiful Diploma issued after successful completion of coursework.

The Course will be tailor-made to suit the needs of those attending and will include some or all of the following depending on the requests of the group attending.  If there is anything not included in this list that you would like to learn about, please let me know:-

How to give an Oracle Card Reading – guidance on how to do an accurate reading for yourself and others with confidence.

Learn How to Channel Angels - It is simple to be able to connect with these beings of light and bring through their messages.

Financial Freedom – how to develop a stress-free relationship with money.

Manifesting your Life Purpose – how to bring your dream life into reality by overcoming challenges and ego-based struggles like fear, tension, and disappointment. You will be guided through a meditation to help heal any emotional blocks and open your heart to accepting your true purpose.

How to Find Love with your True Soulmate – Your true soulmate is waiting for you.  A beautiful meditation with the Angels of Love will open the door to meeting him/her.

Healing with the Angels – The angels can always be called upon for healing and all will benefit from the wonderful healing meditation in this section.

Relief from Anxiety and Stress – Many of us suffer some kind of anxiety or stress in our busy lives and with the help of a beautiful guided angel healing meditation it is possible to eradicate fear and tension now. You’ll also learn how to receive angel blessings to ease your worries.

Overcoming Addictions – Do you, or someone close to you, suffer from an addiction?  It’s not just drug or alcohol addictions, but also other compulsive behaviours, such as co-dependency, chronic worrying, overeating, over-shopping, and overspending that can keep us from fulfilling our life purpose. During this section, you will experience a deeply healing meditation to receive clear angelic guidance for starting the path to recovery.

What Are Your Dreams Telling You? – Meet your Dream Guide and learn how to prepare yourself to enjoy the sweetest dreams where you will receive clear divine guidance, ideas and answers to your questions.

Flower Therapy – How to bring healing, peace and serenity through a beautiful meditation connecting to your favourite flower.

Cosmic Ray Colour Healing – Receive a beautiful deep healing on all levels through guided visualisation with the Archangels and Ascended Master

Unicorn Blessings – Connecting with your Unicorn and learn how to heal with Unicorn energy

Friendly Galactic Dragons – Learn how this beautiful energy which is angelic can bring protection and wisdom.

Your Guide to Self-Mastery – How to gain mastery over all aspects of your life.  We will focus on your foundation, career, friends and family, close contacts, special relationship and self-development.

Ascension – What does this mean and how can we prepare for it?

Ascension Symptoms – Recognising the various physical symptons of the Ascension process.

Angel Alchemy – how to connect energetically with specific angels to bring about change, transmutation and manifestation.

DNA, Cellular and Karma Clearing - how to energetically cleanse throughout time and space using the Violet Flame to release us from past karma.

Violet Flame - How to use the Violet Flame for personal and planetary transmutation.

Visit to the Akashic Records – Visit the Akashic Records Library and retrieve a gift or talent from your past to use now.  We will also visit the River of Forgiveness to release karma.

Forgiveness Process - This is a simple technique to forgive past hurt.

Cutting Ties with Archangel Michael - Free yourself from unnecessary ties that are holding you back.

"Spring Cleaning" with Archangel Michael -  Receive a beautiful energy exchange.  Archangel Michael will suction out any stagnant energies that are no longer serving you and completely fill you with vibrant new brilliant energy so that you are glowing!

Metatron's Cube - Revealing the true nature of angels.

Atlantis Today! - Learn about the new portal that has opened to the Crystal City of Atlantis which will be guiding the world to true peace.

Working with Your Guardian Angels and Unicorn Guide - Find out who your Guardian Angels are according to the Tree of Life according to your birth date.

Your Soul Lessons according to your Name - A simple exercise will give you insight into the lessons your soul has come to learn and the colours which are associated with you.

Your Guide to Self-Mastery - This exercise will help you gain mastery over all areas of your life including your self-development, your family, your career, your friends and close contacts, your special relationship and, most importantly, your foundation.


"I would like to thank you for the Angel Healing Practitioner Diploma Course which I found to be so informative and helpful, just pure pleasure.  You freely gave your abundance of spiritual knowledge and experience to us all, in a comprehensive and enjoyable manner.  You will be my life long mentor. I wish you love, light and many blessings"

"Thank you so much for such a fantastic time on the Angel Healing Practitioner Diploma Course. Once again, it was such a wonderful time to rediscover and work with the loving, healing energies of the angels and gain a greater understanding of my spiritual self.  I feel as though I nurtured my soul by connecting with loving angel energy, and in the last few hours of being together in our group, I  felt this huge energy which was making me feel larger than life, it was such a beautiful embracing feeling."

"We practised and learnt powerful meditations for cleansing and purifying our minds, practised tried and tested techniques such as cutting cords / old ties, connecting with angels and receiving & sharing individual and group healing.  Also, we learnt and developed practical tools and empowering angelic practises for self reflection, we explored ways of teaching Angel Healing and learnt how to connect with angels through beautiful angel card sets, learning different ways  of using the cards for ourselves and others. We learnt so much, and all to take away and work through, share, teach others, start up a business, dream about. And to get home to find Jayn-Lee had emailed the whole course content for our own personal use. I really appreciated your course Jayn-Lee and feel that I got a great deal from it personally. It really is unique and so worth doing. Thank you for sharing."



To book or for further information please email or call or text 07925 127222

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I was one of the first people to work professionally with Angels and have been a Spiritual Medium since 1972.

I ran my first Spiritual Healing Group in 1975.

I am the Founder of The Angel Healing Practitioner Diploma Course and have been teaching Angelic Reiki regularly since 2006.

I also facilitate several Angelic and Spiritual Workshops and Courses including Evening Meditations, Day and Weekend Workshops.

My passion is now teaching others how to deepen their connection with the Angelic Realms and work with Angels for personal healing and spiritual development.

I limit the numbers in all my events so that everyone gets the attention they deserve.
Jayn Lee Miller, Officially Internationally Registered Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and Angel Healing Practitioner Teacher
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