On this page, I shall be recommending certain wonderful people whom I know, love and trust and whose services I use myself. I can vouch for their high quality of professionalism at a reasonable price which, in some cases, may also include a discount if you mention AAH (The Academy of Angelic Healing).


TRACY JENKINS - ANGEL TAROT - Tracy was an absolute star pupil at our Angel Tarot Course!

The Angel Tarot cards symbolise the qualities and experiences we must incorporate into our lives before we can realize our full emotional, spiritual and physical potential.  Unlike other traditional tarot cards, in this pack an archangel also represents the major archetypal themes.  Working with the higher vibrations of the angelic realms,  Tracy uses her intuition to channel higher wisdom and energy as it is translated through the cards for your highest good. Connecting to the unseen and healing energies around you, Tracy will help you understand the threads of your life story, your choices and your place in the pattern of the universe. It is best to seek a reading from time to time perhaps when specific guidance is needed. The cards will not tell you what to do butinstead will help you empower your own consciousness and energy to move forward.

Contact Tracy on Facebook  @tracysangeltarot or by phone on 07858 410246.  She is based in Harrow and Edinburgh.  £50 per reading (approximately 1 hour) 10% discount if you mention AAH (Academy of Angelic Healing).



Realigning to your Soul's Blueprint by accessing the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records consist of all of our choices that we have made since we came into being.  As human beings we each have a Soul Blueprint of our Divine Gift.  This stays with us throughout all of our lifetimes.  As we make positive choices we stay within this Blueprint.  Our negative choices, and we all make them, moves us away from it.  By allowing a reading of your Akashic Records we can discover what choices have been made within certain lifetimes that have led to restrictions and blockages of the vital energy of your Soul's Blueprint.  This gives you the opportunity to change and return to your maximum potential. Where there is knowledge, there is understanding.  Where there is understanding, there is transformation.

All readings are completely confidential and are read with love and a non-judgmental approach. Please note that I would need to have your permission to do any work on your behalf.

For more information and to book a reading please contact Heather on 07551 566590.

The price is £75.



I would like to recommend my dear friend, Frances Lacey (see photos), whom I have known for the past 12 years.  She is a very gifted intuitive Reflexologist and her treatments leave you completely blissed out, as many of my clients will vouch for.

Frances is based in Northwood but is willing to travel to bring her reflexology session to your home.

Prices start from £40 with 10% discount if you mention AAH (Academy of Angelic Healing).

Please get in contact with Frances by calling 07979-848864 or emailing


MILLIE SMITH NAILS - the photo shows my nails with glittery turquoise gel!

My beautiful niece, Millie Smith, is now my Nail Technician and she is the best ever!  No more dreadful glue smells or burning sensations in my hands for me now when I have my nails gelled!  The products she uses are of the highest quality and she works from her lovely home in Uxbridge. 

Millie offers a 10% discount if you mention AAH (Academy of Angelic Healing).  Check her out here:-

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I was one of the first people to work professionally with Angels and have been a Spiritual Medium since 1972.

I ran my first Spiritual Healing Group in 1975.

I am the Founder of The Angel Healing Practitioner Diploma Course and have been teaching Angelic Reiki regularly since 2006.

I also facilitate several Angelic and Spiritual Workshops and Courses including Evening Meditations, Day and Weekend Workshops.

My passion is now teaching others how to deepen their connection with the Angelic Realms and work with Angels for personal healing and spiritual development.

I limit the numbers in all my events so that everyone gets the attention they deserve.
Jayn Lee Miller, Officially Internationally Registered Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and Angel Healing Practitioner Teacher
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